Option to Pay Your HOA Dues Online

Instructions on how to pay HOA dues

As of 1 January 2020 Annual HOA dues can be paid electronically.  When paying electronically, you must send an email with a valid email address to “bod@riverview-estates.org” stating that you wish to pay electronically and please note the way in which you would like to pay, in your email, by specifying one of the three options shown below:  

  1. Pay by bank transfer. BILLPAY or other – No Charge.
  2. Pay by Debit Card – No Charge.
  3. Pay by Credit Card or Apple Pay – $4.00 fee    

After your email is received by the boards treasurer, you will be sent a payment link for the type of payment that you wish to make. You then click on the payment link and enter the required information in order to make your HOA dues payment.  The $4.00 fee for credit card payments will be included with the annual dues charge amount.

To pay HOA dues by regular mail, please mail to:

Riverview Estates HOA
P.O. Box 195
Frederica, DE 19946

Thank You.