Public Announcements

Riverview Estate Homeowners,

There has been an increase of vandalism and incidents of physical abuse in our HOA community: 

  • Recently, one of our residents was physically assaulted by a group of kids at the Pavilion. His head was beaten using a metal object.
  • An unlicensed Golf Cart is being driven by a youngster on public streets, ignoring Delaware driving restrictions and common-sense safety.
  • The Pavilion is being vandalized and the play area deliberately damaged.
  • Cars have been driven around the Pavilion late at night, ignoring public safety and creating a nuisance for the residents in the area. These vehicles are NOT from Riverview Estates.
  • Motorbikes, motorized carts and bicycles are being driven at high speeds on the streets and are performing ‘wheelies’ on the road, posing a serious threat to the safety of our children.
  • Cars have been observed around the school bus drop off area that appear not to be picking up children. They do appear to be distributing small items to some of the children.

The State Police have been contacted to investigate the above incidents. But they must have evidence (photos, videos, eyewitness accounts) that will help them identify who is responsible for these actions.

The HOA will be reactivating the Neighborhood Watch in 2023. Please let the Board know if you are interested in participating in protecting our neighborhood, especially the children.

Thank you!
The Board of Directors

Riverview Estates HOA 

December 30th, 2022